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The Colectiva was started in 2017 by a small group of residents in the Montbello immigrant community. Residents saw the need to join forces and work in groups to provide services and resources to the Latinx community. By creating the CCC, resident leaders developed a long-term vision of community transformation. The base of the belief is that those most affected by social inequalities should have a workplace where change could be made.

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Our Approach

CCC has achieved its success by placing a large focus on the people that create the most important work, its engagement specialists or as we like to call them, the promotoras. Our organization unifies the work of 14 promotoras that work to provide support in education, community health, community development, and research, as well as youth support and women empowerment for the Denver Metro area. The primary role of CCC is to provide direct access to resources, knowledge, funding with a network of relations. Community leaders have accumulated wisdom throughout the many areas of their lives and have a practical ability to solve problems, therefor the CCC believes that the greatest resource to the community is the community itself. 

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