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The CCC offers a variety of different services for the community. These include table talks designed to inform the community on a variety of topics, youth programs and utility assiatnce

Youth Programs

The CCC has a committee of young leaders we call "Empowering Leadership."They provide the necessary resources to other youth in the community. They work to create fun, safe, and engaging activities for the community’s youth. Through their activities and engagement they provide avenues for the community’s youth to get involved. If you are interested in being part of this committee fill out this form, it is completely free!


Table Talks

Table Talks were created to invite the community to virtually chat  and learn about a multitude of different topics. The CCC offers a mental health table provides tools to help support one's mental health. We also offer a table talk that discusses how to navigate the education system. More table talks that cover different topics will be available soon.


Promotora Training Program

Our promotoras are trusted  community members and leaders who work in the community helping neighbors navigate complex systems. They undertake a series of unique tasks in order to engage with their communities and spearhead change. Our program is designed to develop your career as a promotora. 

click the button to apply! 


Utility Assistance

The CCC also provides utility and rent assistance to those who seek help. If you are someone who needs rent and utility assistance please contact us at (720)-263-1162 and we will do our best to get you the help you need. 

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